Local Legacy: The Lineage of Medici Coffee

We are filled with pride and humility having played a pivotal role in shaping Austin’s local coffee culture. As Austin’s original specialty coffee shop, we have a history of serving satisfying roasts to locals, creators, and doers across locations. As Medici alumni have gone on from Medici to open their own coffee shops like Houndstooth and more, we’ve had the privilege of watching the evolution of Austin’s coffee culture, and the joy of being a catalyst for its existence. 

The Early Years

We first opened our doors in 2006 at West Lynn, a cozy location in the Clarksville and Old Austin neighborhood. Medici on West Lynn quickly became endearingly nicknamed “the neighborhood’s living room” due to its comfortable charm and welcoming environment. Our Guadalupe/West Campus location followed suit, opening in 2008. Medici on the Drag has always been filled with the energy and conversation of students, faculty and UT Austin staff. 

Our spacious roasting facility resides in East Austin, at our Springdale General location. There, we have a training lab where all of our baristas are required to go through an extensive training process. Many have gone on to do amazing things in the coffee industry, such as becoming Director's of Coffee, Lead Roaster’s, winning industry competitions and of course many have opened their own coffee shops in Austin. 

The Legacy of Medici

The Medici philosophy encourages connection, discourse, defying norms, questioning conventions, and embracing a bit of mischief. Each day begins or concludes with a simple cup of coffee. The adventures that unfold in between are entirely yours to shape. This is why Medici holds a special place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike. Our longevity speaks volumes about the enduring appeal of our approach to coffee, and the deep connections we've forged with our community over the years.

But perhaps our greatest legacy lies in the talented individuals who have passed through our doors. Our former employees who have gone on to become leaders in the Austin coffee scene, opening their own cafes and roasteries, were inspired by their time at Medici. From Fleet to Houndstooth and beyond, we are proud that our alumni carry the torch of Medici's spirit, spreading our ethos of quality, community, and connection throughout the city.

Spreading the Medici Spirit

Our impact may have started within our own walls, but now it extends far beyond them. As we look to the future, we're excited to continue our journey, inciting connection and conversation over delicious blends and exciting single origins. We’re excited to see how Austin’s coffee culture will continue to evolve in the coming years. 

Come and connect over a cup of coffee, we’re glad you’re here.