The House of Medici

The Medici name is woven into a narrative that traces back centuries, to the heart of Renaissance Florence. This is where the illustrious Medici family reigned supreme. It is a name synonymous with patronage, creativity, art, intellect, community, and legacy. 

Here in Austin, the name Medici is synonymous with coffee. However, we make a point to keep the name closely tied to its Italian roots, because our coffee and cafes are intentionally created to incite creativity, intellect, community and connection—much like the House of Medici. 

A Quick History Lesson

In the annals of history, the Medicis were revered as patrons of the arts, their wealth and influence fueling the Renaissance movement. But their story is not one-dimensional; it's a tale of contrasts, of the duality of power. For alongside their patronage of artists and scholars, the Medicis also faced criticism for their political maneuvers and Machiavellian tactics.

Notable members of the Medici family include Cosimo de' Medici, who established the family's political power in Florence in the 15th century, and Lorenzo de' Medici, also known as Lorenzo the Magnificent, who was a prominent patron of the arts and a key figure in the Renaissance movement. Under their patronage, Florence became a center of artistic and intellectual innovation, attracting some of the most talented artists, scholars, and thinkers of the time. The Medici family played a crucial role in supporting artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Botticelli, among others, and their patronage contributed significantly to the flourishing of Renaissance art and culture.

In addition to their patronage of the arts, the Medici family was deeply involved in politics, often wielding power behind the scenes and producing several notable political figures, including popes and rulers of various Italian city-states.

From House of Medici to Coffee House 

At Medici Roasting, we’re deeply inspired by the rich legacy of the Medici family. When we were considering what to name our coffee brand, we couldn’t think of a more fitting tribute to our philosophical aspirations. Just as the Medicis supported artists and thinkers, we strive to foster an environment where intellectualism, creativity, and community can flourish—a legacy that we’re proud to uphold with every cup we serve. 

Our brand name was intentionally chosen to align with the incredible contributions of the Medici family. To us, the Medicis serve as more than just a namesake; they're a guiding principle, a reminder of the importance of learning from history. It's about embracing the lessons of the past to shape a better future. 

So, as you savor your next sip of Medici coffee, know that you're not just indulging in a beverage; you're immersing yourself in a legacy—a legacy of patronage, of community, of creativity and innovation. Come to any one of our locations, and let history meet you in the present, while you have conversations that shape the future.