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The Chemex brewer is perfect for brewing coffee for two. Its unique paper filter makes for a brew with unparalleled clarity, allowing all of a coffee’s complexity to shine. This recipe will yield two ten ounce cups.

What you’ll need:

  • 8-cup Chemex brewer

  • Chemex filter

  • Grinder

  • 40 grams of coffee

  • Water just off the boil, around 205of

  • Scale

  • Timer

  • Mug

Step 1: Weigh and grind your coffee

Use your scale to weigh out your 40 grams of coffee (if you don’t have a scale, a level tablespoon holds around 5 grams of coffee). Grind your coffee until it’s about the size of coarse salt—somewhere near the coarsest setting of most home grinders.

Step 2: Prep your filter and preheat your vessel

The Chemex filter is folded so that one side has a single layer of paper, and the other has a double layer. Place the filter in the Chemex so that the double-layered side of the filter is against the brewer’s pour spout—this keeps the filter from collapsing into the empty space and creating a seal, which will keep water from dripping through the filter. Pour enough water over the filter to get the whole thing wet. Once it drips through, you can discard the rinse water by pouring it out of the spout while holding the filter in place. If you’d like to preheat your cup with more warm water, go ahead and do that now.

Step 3: Begin brewing

Place your brewer and vessel on the scale, add your coffee, and tare the scale to zero. Start your timer, then, using a spiral motion, pour 150g of water over the grounds to saturate them—this


initial pour should happen within the first 20 seconds. At this point, stir the grounds with a wooden spoon or paddle, then allow the coffee to “bloom” until the 45 second mark. During the bloom, fresh coffee is releasing stored gases from the roasting process, so the grounds should rise up and bubble a bit.

Step 4: Continue pouring

At the 45 second mark, begin pouring in a spiral motion, and continue to pour until you reach 450g. Allow this pour to drip through until 1:45, at which point you should have room to pour the remaining water, stopping at 680g.

Step 5: Drip through and serve

Once you’ve reached your 680g water mass, allow the remaining water in the brewer to drip through. If your coffee is ground correctly, it should finish dripping through with a total brew time of 4:30-5:00 (if it’s faster or slower, adjust your grind accordingly before your next brew). Once all of the water has made its way through the coffee, remove the filter from the Chemex, give it a swirl to mix, and serve!