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Cold Brew vs. Flash Brew

Difference between cold brew and flash brew

by Lydia Stolper

9 months ago

“Hi, I’d like an iced coffee please”

“Okay, great! Would you like a flash brew or a cold brew?”

Have you ever been asked this question and been left a little confused about how to respond? We are here to help break it down for you! 

Cold brew has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years and is often known for its bold flavor and strength. Cold brew got its name from how it’s made, and that is to take coarse coffee grounds and let it steep in cold water for an extended period of time. The longer you steep the coffee grounds, the bolder the flavor and more concentrated the coffee becomes. We steep our cold brew for 12 hours. This creates a cold brew concentrate that we then cut with equal parts concentrate and cold water. However, even though the concentrate is cut with water, the caffeine ratio is still much higher than traditional drip coffee which is why many people get an extra buzz from a cold brew! 

As a result of this brew method, cold brew results in a less acidic coffee. So when tasting, you can expect to find nutty and chocolate notes from cold brew. Adding a splash of milk or milk alternative is a great way to really even out the taste of a strong cold brew for a less intense but still delicious cup! 

Difference between cold brew and flash brew

Flash brew on the other hand, is still brewed with hot water over ice. Much like a traditional cup of brewed coffee, flash brew is hot coffee poured over ice. The ice instantly cools down the coffee, hence the name flash brew. This results in a more traditional coffee flavor that is less intense than cold brew. This might be referred to as “acidic” which may make some people nervous to try the coffee, however acidity in coffee is not unusual and is a big part of what makes many coffees taste good. Acidic flavors are often found in coffee that is referred to as bright, citrusy or fruity. A flash brew coffee is often best with a single origin medium to light roast coffee, which you will find is true for our Medici locations! Just ask our baristas which of our single origin coffees we’re brewing for flash brew to learn more about what to expect for tasting notes. If you haven’t had flash brew before, trying it black is a great way to really get the flavor note of the coffee. 

You can find both flash brew and cold brew at all our shop locations! We hope this helps and maybe even introduces you to your new favorite coffee.